Belinder's Dress Code

The Belinder School staff along with the Shawnee Mission School District continues to provide a quality education to all students. The general atmosphere of a school must be conducive to learning and is a key element in high achieving schools. A student’s clothing or general appearance must not interfere with instruction nor inhibit a student’s ability to full participation in educational activities.

Belinder will follow the guidelines set by the Shawnee Mission School Board. If you child’s dress is not appropriate we will find suitable clothing or ask that you bring new attire for the day. Children of all grades are asked to comply with the dress code by following the guidelines below: Students may not wear clothing including jewelry, which is vulgar, indecent, obscene or insulting, or which promotes or encourages behavior such as smoking, drinking, drug use, physical or sexual violence or the use of illegal substances, or which promotes illegal activities.

Examples of items that have caused a disruption or a safety concern include the following:
• Clothing not sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times
• Shirts and blouses that do not meet the waistline of the pants, shorts or other bottom attire with arms raised
• Spaghetti strap clothing or shirts cut low under the arms (straps need to be at least 2" wide)
• Pants that are sagging below the waist
• Short shorts and skirts (must be mid-thigh in length)
• Chains (not including appropriate jewelry chains)
• Outdoor clothing or outerwear (sometimes the rooms are cold and a sweatshirt is appropriate)
• Clothing that advertises inappropriate material
• Flip-flop shoes and shoes with high heels

The Belinder staff appreciates your cooperation with the clothing guidelines.